Lost in the Apocalypse Cover Reveal


This is the cover for Lost in the Apocalypse. Those of you who have read my work know it tends to be zombie-lite. I like reading books that focus on how the survivors actually survive, so I write that way. Yes, there are zombies in this, but there aren’t a lot of blood-and-gore scenes. Instead, you’ll read the story of someone who just wants to survive and who finds that having zombies around makes that fairly inconvenient.

Coming December 2015.


Swords of Darkness Update

Thank you to everyone who has submitted a story for Swords of Darkness!

This anthology is still open to submissions until November 30th. I’ll read all of the stories after the close of submissions and make a final decision by December 15th. I do not accept stories on a rolling basis simply because I want to give everyone time to get something in. It’s always disappointing to work on a story for a compilation, only to find that submissions were closed early!

Swords of Darkness will be published in eBook format only and each selected author will receive a digital copy in addition to the $20 payment.

As always, if you have questions or concerns, please feel free to send me an email or leave a comment.

Publication Schedule for 2015 and Beyond

This year, I’ve published a few short stories; however, I do have a novel coming out in December. Lost in the Apocalypse is a full-length novel featuring a woman who has lost everything near and dear to her. When she decides to risk everything to save her sister from zombies, she returns alive, but barely. When she gets home, she finds her entire world is about to change more than it already has.

In January, my anthology will be released, featuring 10 stories from new and published authors. This is something I’m incredibly excited about! If you haven’t already submitted something, consider writing a story! There is plenty of time to get a story in before the November 30th deadline. Please note that while I’m flexible on word count, I am not flexible on the submission deadline. In order to make the January 1st publication date, I need all stories in on or by November 30th. Selected authors will be notified by December 15th.

I plan to release two more novels next year, though I don’t have publication dates yet because the stories are not yet finished. One will be a ghost story and another will be a sci-fi book. These will be indie published on Amazon and while I don’t plan to enroll these in KU, I will run occasional sales and discounts as a thank-you to my awesome readers.