Lost in the Apocalypse – Preorder Live!


Lost in the Apocalypse is now available for preorder! You can get your copy here. Preorder price is $2.99. The price will go up upon publication. This is a full-length novel! Amazon’s page count will be updated closer to the publication date.

Emily spends two weeks trying to find her sister and two weeks trying to get home. When she finally returns to her cabin in the woods, however, it’s no longer empty.

The band of misfits who have taken over her house have no desire to leave. Once Emily gets to know them, she’s not so sure she wants them to. The ex-military types are in sharp contrast with Emily, who is a reclusive writer. Still, they manage to forge friendship and build a haven despite the occasional zombie who wanders by.

Their safety is short-lived, however. In the zombie apocalypse, nothing lasts forever.


Lost in the Apocalypse Cover Reveal


This is the cover for Lost in the Apocalypse. Those of you who have read my work know it tends to be zombie-lite. I like reading books that focus on how the survivors actually survive, so I write that way. Yes, there are zombies in this, but there aren’t a lot of blood-and-gore scenes. Instead, you’ll read the story of someone who just wants to survive and who finds that having zombies around makes that fairly inconvenient.

Coming December 2015.